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WOW's Domestic Violence Prevention program

Mission: To eliminate family violence and violence against women through intervention and prevention, extensive community education, advocacy and working with local agencies to assist victims and their families.


To increase victim’s access to information and services available to them to eliminate the high risk of re-victimization

Mentor women and girls to gain strength in the area of self respect, self esteem and confidence

Educate our community about the nature and extent of the problem of violence against women, with respect to treatment programs and prevention

Develop a Campaign to prohibit the acceptance of Violence against Women and to support the enforcement the strongest laws on the books to prosecute these individuals as criminals. 
We will work in conjunction with our District Attorney, Local Representatives and Victim’s Services to develop a strategy to create a program that will help the victim and the children of victims of these circumstances. By doing so we can prevent re-victimization as well as the pattern of abuse repeating itself in their adult lives

Our Main focus will be on eliminating the abuse by educating & empowering women to lead non violent independent lives and to make our Community aware that Violence against women will not be tolerated or accepted.


A Safety Plan

Click on this link to make plans to protect you and your family against acts of violence

Click here for Safe Horizon Domestic Violence Hotlines
Need Help Call:  911 OR 800-621-HOPE (4673)
Updates to  Safe Horizon Website
*New Address: 30 Bay Street, 5th Flr, SI, NY 10301

*Safe Horizon Rape Crisis Program: 718-720-2591 Ext. 17

Click here for information on Staten Island Domestic Violence Programs and Services


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